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Price Comparer

Compare prices to get the best value every time. Enter the price and quantity for each product, and see at a glance which is the best deal. Different units? No problems – although obviously they must measure the same thing (for example, kilograms, grams and pounds; comparing kilograms and liters won't work). Different currencies? That's fine too, if you've got the paid version.

The best deal is highlighted green, while the worst is highlighted red. Any in-between deals are highlighted between the two – if a product is highlighted light green, then it is almost as good as the best deal, while if it is highlighted light red it is almost as poor as the worst.

Compare as many products at the same time as you want! And you can enter a name on each product if you choose to – doing so might help you find the product which you decided was the best deal.

Currency conversion (only in the paid version) can be disabled, in which case no data will be used. If currency conversion is enabled, currency data will only be downloaded if the cached data is older than the customisable age limit (the default is one day, but can range between one hour and one week) – and if there is no internet access, it will simply use the cached data and warn that the data is older than the limit. There is a wide range of currencies to choose from, but you can select which ones to show in the menu – the defaults will be suitable for most users.

Please note:
Currency conversions cannot have 100% accuracy (due to things like currency conversion charges), and therefore it is possible that the best deal might not be the one highlighted as such. However, if none of the options are in your own currency (i.e. they all involve a currency conversion), this should not be a problem.

The free version is ad-supported. Get the paid version to remove the ads, and also be able to compare products in different currencies!

If you need help, please contact us.