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Privacy Policy


We do not use cookies. The only information collected is the time of access, your IP address, and also a few other details which may automatically be transmitted by your browser (such as what browser you are using and your operating system). This is collected automatically by our web host.



When you install one of our apps, we get information about that from the relevant app store, as should be outlined under their privacy policies. We may share non-identifiable aspects of this with partners.

In addition, app-specific policies are below.

Price Comparer Free and Parking Timer Free

We display ads from Google. Google uses cookies to track ad usage, and also for personalisation. You can opt out of personalisation in Google Settings, or, for users in the EU, in the consent form.

Price Comparer (paid)

If you compare prices across two or more different currencies, Price Comparer will contact our website to collect exchange rates. The section above regarding the website applies.

Parking Timer (paid)

The paid version of Parking Timer does not communicate with us in any way. The only data we get related to it is covered under Apps General above.